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A platform that connects artists and true connoisseurs of generative art

by Shvembldr15 Dec 2021
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First TBOA Club project release from the founder of the club. Alien intelligent plants taking on bizarre shapes and capturing the eye. Where it all begins...

How TBOA Club works

Club members
TBOA Club members are experienced collectors of generative art. It is a closed community where only true connoisseurs of generative art are represented. It is possible to join the Club by completing some of the conditions
TBOA Curation
All club members and the founder of the club have a right to vote in choosing the next release on the platform. Therefore, other collectors can be sure that only the best artworks will be presented at the TBOA club
Collecting Art
Every release at the TBOA club has a special meaning and there's an idea behind each one. Some are interconnected, some involve more than just aesthetic pleasure or mere possession. That's what makes collecting in the TBOA club so unique
TBOA club fund
The fund was created to support generative artists making their first release on-chain. If your art is worthy of a club release you can always count on support from the fund

Why generative art is such a big deal?

Shvembldr photo
Once you discover generative art, your worldview changes forever. Whether you are an artist or a collector. It's a low-level interaction. Our universe is generated. It's an incredible feeling to be able to control the instrument that created the world around us
— Shvebmldr, generative artist and the founder of TBOA Club
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