This platform was founded for those who are admirers of Shvembldr's creativity. It was created in partnership with artblocks.io and uses their smart contract to store generative art code directly on the Ethereum blockchain network.


All art is the idea and work of Shvembldr and is a reflection of his inner world, point of view, and imagination. When you click the Purchase button on this site, you interact directly with the artist: his author's idea is mixed with the hash generated the moment you click and a completely new and unique art appears at this very moment, to stay forever in the blockchain linking you together.


The main part of the releases is available for collection with TBOA tokens and ETH. TBOA tokens are distributed by airdrop to club members, collectors who have won them in raffles on the club discord, and even completely random (no) people. You can also buy the art during the release for ETH or after the release on the secondary market.


Club members are the closest and most trusted collectors who have a direct impact on what happens in the club. They are the patrons and connoisseurs of generative art.