This is a club for connoisseurs of generative art founded by Shvembldr

Membership guarantees each member a free mint of all Playground releases on artblocks.io from Shvembldr for 24 hours before the official release. As well as other bonuses and perks, such as participation in events

Once the number of memberships reaches 100 there will be no possibility to get it other than collecting TBOA, Alien Clock and Alien Insects sets

Before the release, all TBOA club members receive a TBOA token, and 24 hours before the official release, sales for tokens open

Not if you are only entitled to a token here. The right to a token is not tied to anything and once it is issued, it cannot be transferred. But if you received a token in your wallet (for example before artblocks playground release), you can transfer it to anyone

On any of the events of the club if it is specified in the event rules. Token (or the right to it) can be used only once

No, there are no other ways, and if they appear, it will be written here

There are several ways:

  • Collect 9 The Blocks of Art with letters from the words ART BLOCKS

  • Collect 9 Alien Clock with nine different aliens (property: Alien)

  • Collect 8 types of Alien Insects of the same race and their planet

  • Possess one of the four Alien Insects with the property TBOA: True

  • Possess one of the two Alien Clocks with the property Alien: Tboa

  • Possess one of the PORTALS

No, the token entitles you to one free art in one release only. Membership can only be obtained in the ways described below

Yes, you have to follow the releases and activities of Shvembldr to do this. You can get a token completely out of the blue. All bonus token holders are listed here: bonus List.

No, you remain a member only when you have the necessary art for membership. If you sell or give away your art, your membership is transferred to the new owner

  • Open MetaMask and click on the "burger" menu icon
  • Click on the "add token" button
  • Select "Custom Token" tab
  • Paste 0x5758350fc1d13d08f1ae0445a43651efc5bf3fef into the "Token Contract Address" field
  • Enter "TBOA" as the Token Symbol
  • Click the "Next" button

  • Follow all the steps from the previous question
  • Go to the project page
  • Click on "Approve TBOA for Purchasing"
  • You will have to pay for gas, so do it when it costs little
  • 24 hours before the official release, the "Purchase" button will become available to you