TBOA token is a fungible ERC-20 token that can be used for a free pre-mint release on the platform. THIS IS NOT NFT! You can't buy it anywhere!

TBOA tokens cannot be purchased directly and can only be obtained through club membership or various contests and giveaways at the artist's discretion. The best way to see opportunities to get a TBOA token when they arise is to be subscribed to TBOA official Twitter, Twitter of its founder, and participate in the life of the club in Discord. There is no guarantee of future contests and giveaways for TBOA tokens. Those receiving TBOA tokens will be sent directly to their wallets before the pre-mint period.

No. Pre-mint is guaranteed for club members only.

You must have a TBOA token for this !!!

  • Go to the project page

  • Click on "Purchase"

  • Then you will need to allow purchases for TBOA tokens from your wallet (You will have to pay for gas, so do it when it costs little)

  • After that you will need to confirm the purchase with a TBOA token (you will also need to pay for gas)

There is a 24-hour period before “official” public release opens that is exclusively meant for TBOA token pre-mint.

  • Make sure you get the token on Etherscan

  • Open MetaMask and click on the "burger" menu icon

  • Click on the "add token" button

  • Select "Custom Token" tab

  • Paste 0x5758350fc1d13d08f1ae0445a43651efc5bf3fef into the "Token Contract Address" field

  • Enter "TBOA" as the Token Symbol

  • Click the "Next" button

This is a regular ERC-20 token, so you can pass it on to anyone